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How to NOT be a NOOB in MOBA : Mobile Legends Bang-Bang

In this smartphone era, mobile games seems to be arising brightly as it is way easier and efficient to play on mobile than on the heavy PC or the expensive game consoles. Many of it is free to play and practically makes everyone can play good games together worldwide. And according to newzoo.com, it is still going to rise. With...

Art: How to make The Silhouette Part for Drawing Sunset/Sunrise

Previously, I've make a post about how I draw digital eye. I've also explained about digital art, especially it's benefits for artists and aspiring artists who wants to draw anytime and everywhere without the needs to brought to much drawing tools. Below I'll be remaking the silhouette part in my newest artwork, "The Sunset". I'm not remaking it 'exactly' like...

Fast Digital Eye Sketch

As we already know, now is the era of technology. And there's so many things that used to be created in real life "directly" have become digital, or at least supported by it, essentially. Art is not an exception of course. You probably have seen so many digital artworks from so many media, like Instagram or movies. Even those 2D...