Skills and talents essentially depends on one’s capability to actually gain, refining and mastering it. Some of it are naturally with us as if we’re born with it. And many more can be gained through effort (or miracle). But at some points, we’ll hit a wall that makes us feel like we can’t continue. At this point, many people are giving up or stand still. Bu of course there are also those who continue to strive. Therefore you have to remember that no matter how you attain it, the hardest part is to overcome the hurdles on mastering or refining it.

I’m sure that many of you, readers, have experienced the feeling of being fixated or desperate to master at least one of your skills or talents. But at some point, there are limits that makes you feel like you can’t continue. Maybe you thought that you really can’t overcome those limits. For that, let me tell you this: “your effort will never betray you”. And so, here are some advice/tips to help you overcome your limits, based on my personal experiences.

  1. Overcoming your own limits is easier when there’s someone to guide you through it. Someone who’ve been in your shoes once and overcome those limits. It can be anyone, your family, friends, or even teachers. Just ask them.
  2. Keep on believing that you’ll always find a way. By believing, you can stay positive in almost every situation. In my case, this always makes things work out for me in a way or another. Because it can keep your mind and senses open for any opportunities to raise from the rock bottom.
  3. Even if you can’t believe it possible, don’t give up on trying. Having the thought of giving up is normal, but you have to let it go as soon as possible. In my case, you have to accept that thought as a fact then move on.

As humans, there are limits that we can’t overcome. But as they say, “nothing is impossible when you believe”, so don’t betray your efforts.

Remember that you are who you are, deep down you know you can do it before you learn, you have faith in yourself at the beginning, so you have to also believe in yourself now to overcome your struggle.

You know, there are some blind people who can accomplice many things, like Ben. And there are also some people with no arms who can master playing guitar, like Mark. They prove themselves to the world that they can do it despite the handicap, their “limit”. If they can do it, then I’m sure everyone can too.

It’s not easy to overcome your limits, but as long it’s not an impossible thing to do, why not keep on trying?