In this smartphone era, mobile games seems to be arising brightly as it is way easier and efficient to play on mobile than on the heavy PC or the expensive game consoles. Many of it is free to play and practically makes everyone can play good games together worldwide. And according to, it is still going to rise.


With many mobile games in store for you, MOBA games are among the rising stars. I’m playing one my self. The one I’m playing is Mobile Legends: Bang-Bang. I’ve been playing it for about half a year now. And here’s some tips from me on how to NOT become a NOOB on it.

Classic Mode

For you who still new to MOBA games, I recommend you to practice on classic mode first. It’s true that the ranked mode can be the fastest way to mastering it. But if you want to push your rank, don’t play on ranked mode until you got the hang of it.

For you who’ve been playing it for a while now, you can use the classic mode to practice using a new hero. Mastering it on classic mode reduce the risk of losing your rank. Of course you can also use brawl mode to practice it too.

Brawl Mode

In brawl mode you can try or practicing new heroes as the hero you use is random there. But remember that in this mode you have to dare to die to kill the enemy hero. And I also recommend you to use the healing spell or at least have one healer, especially if you’re not a pro yet and so is your team.

Ranked Mode

Ranked mode can be a bit tricky since if you lose, you’ll lose your star or rank. The trick or strategy you use here can vary depending on your hero and your style. Here is a list of what you can try on ranked mode:

  • First, while picking a hero, you have to choose the ones you able to play. It is even better if you choose the hero you specialize in. Don’t try using heroes you’re not used to, even if it is required by the system or asked by other players. The most important thing is the team work and result. You can’t have a good team work if you’re playing the wrong hero. You have to remember that your team have to at least have a marksman, fighter/charger, and offense mage. The other spots can be any hero.
  • The usual team pattern is either 1 3 1 or 2 1 2. For 1 3 1, I recommend mage, tank, and marksman for middle lane. As for 2 1 2, I recommend marksman on the middle. And I personally think that 2 1 2 pattern is best used when there are 2 mages or 2 fighters on the team.
  • Focus on destroying the turrents or towers more than killing. Killing is important to raise your KDA stat and your chance to win, but it will just be suicide if you just blindly going after an enemy hero. And the worse case scenario is you drag your team along and get wiped out by the enemy just because you’re trying to kill an enemy hero. Use your teamwork if you really want to kill that hero.
  • It’s best if you have a stunner on your team, or at least a hero that can immobilize the enemy. It will make the killing a lot easier. I recommend Cyclop or Aurora if you’re also playing mobile legends.
  • Always look at the map once in a while and watch out for the enemy’s ambush.
  • If you’re playing mage, remember that mage have to be on the back. Mage usually have a big skill damage but low defense, so unless you have a big defense or agile to escape don’t ever go to the front. But of course you’re a pro then it can be a different story.
  • If you’re playing marksman, remember that pushing is your job. So don’t be scared to go to the front. Of course you have to be careful, but that doesn’t you can be passive. If you need assist, just ask it. I recommend a mage for assist.
  • Lastly, don’t put pressure on your team by criticizing them or something. It’s like two-edged blade. If you’re lucky, it will make your team trying as hard as they could to win so they can proof you that they’re not as bad as what you think they would. But if you’re unlucky, it will crush your teamwork sooner or later, causing your team to lose. In here, silent is better than your rambling on them.

You can play MOBA games freely and develops your own styles, these are my suggestion as I’ve also been in your place before as a noob, and you’re free to take it or not.