On the last week I went through something great about a smile. Well, it isn’t that extraordinary, but it left some impression in my mind, and it was a good experience. From that event, I start to realize how big an influence of smile is. Only with a smile, we can interact closely with people without knowing their names, without the need to be intimate with them.

So my first experience was when I started taking my little brother to school and met the security guard who helped people cross the road. After he helped us, I always smile as a thanking gesture. As time went on, I smile to him everytime we meet. Until one day, around this week’s Monday or Tuesday, I had bought some snacks near my brother’s school, which the security guard immediately asked me, “what did you buy?”

That kind of question is supposed to be asked to people we know closer, whose name we know of, and intimacy is the point here. But he just asked me that out of the blue. I’m an introvert who can’t strike the first conversation, but with him greeting me first, I feel happy and I feel close with him even though we never introduce one another.

Second, I live in a regency. There, are many security guards who patrol all day. Everytime I’m going out, I always meet the guards. From what I see, people who went out always ring the honk to greet or something. But in my opinion, I don’t like the surprising sound of the honk, so I always opt to stop by and then  smile to the guards. I feel that by smiling, we can respect them more than just honking. Eventually, all guards recognize and know me. Everytime I’m going out, even though I don’t honk, the guard always asks “where are you going?”, and often they told me to take care.

From this two events, I learnt that we don’t need to be good in conversation, we don’t need to pretend extrovert, to be close to one another. Just a smile would suffice. A smile is far more polite and respectable than to suddenly ask “what’s your name?” “where do you live?” or other questions which are directed to privacy.


Aaaand, after I surf through the web, smiling also has many benefit to it. For instance, smiling can lengthen someone’s life expectation, produces endorphine which reduces pain naturally, changing our bad mood to a better one, make people age slower because of the facial muscle activity, and a smile can always make people thing positively.

See? There are so many benefits of smiling besides connecting us even to a stranger. Ah, and Indonesians are famous for their friendliness, aren’t we? There, we could be friendly through our smiles. So why don’t we try to be friendly through our sweet smiles?