It’s fair to say that being a multi-talented person is a very valuable asset on these days of age. Which is why the more talent you have means the more valuable you are. And of course it also means you have more opportunities and options ahead. Here’s how you can become a multi-talented person or enrich yourself with talents:


  1. Be a Dreamer

    The first step to have something is by wanting it. And in talents, you first have to dream that you have it. Dream of what you can do with that talent or what would it feel like to have that skill. Don’t think of impossible first, because you’ll never know if you haven’t tried it.

  2. Be Brave to Try new Things

    Trying new things, especially the ones that totally not you, can be scary. But sometimes, when you keep pursuing it, you can actually become pro in it. And by being adventurous, you can venture and find many amazing things. Amazing things inside and outside of yourself. Believe that you’re not alone in this world. That there is at least one person in this world that also do the same thing you do right now.

  3. Analyze and Choose which Activities Suits You based on Your Current Talents

    As you venture the things you can and can’t do, there will always be some activities you have to do. After you tried those activities, you’ll know which ones are more compatible with the current you and which ones aren’t. You can analyze these activities to figure out which one suits you more. The talents can be seen as chains of reactions in which can combine to create new talent or evolve and giving birth to new talents. In here you can think of it like some kind of game if it easier for you to picture it. This step actually pretty flexible and can be different for each individuals.

  4. Create a “To-do-Next” List based on Those Activities

    After filtering the activities that you have and yet to do, you must list it out. By listing it, you can decide which activities should be prioritized. But you have to remember that even the activities that suits you less could give you great result later on. So if you have some spare time, don’t forget to try at least one of the lesser activities. Try out different activities and freely explore it. You can even try to combine some of the activities. Do it until reach a result or “something” at one point. Then you can continue to the next step.

  5. Do and Explore The “Current” Activity Until You Find (or Create) One or More Skill(s) from It

    In this step, it should be clear that the activities have resulted something. And that something have to be “cultivated” until it “mature” enough. In other words, the activities you’ve done might resulted in some kind of unique skill, habit, object, etc. Make sure that you prioritize/highlighted the skill or habit result(s), especially when it resulted in some kind of talent. Then it have to be exercised, cultivated, or practiced more until it become something you can proud of.

  6. Cultivate It Until It Become Yours (Become a Pro in It)

    The cultivated skills then will eventually become a “passive” skill that you can do naturally after a while of practice and errors. In this point, that skill have become one of your talents. And when it have become your talent, it means you have become a pro.


  • Master the new skill(s) without damaging your own skills.
  • Don’t create limits to yourself.
  • Be truly proud of it.
  • Don’t forget to always use it periodically so that it won’t become rusty.

Remember that there are many ways to become a multi-talented person and what I write here is just one of those. I wrote this purely based on my personal experience and opinion.