Smart Contact Lens


We’ve talk about VR, wireless charging room, immortal cells for blood, etc, in my previous articles, and now I present to you Smart Contact Lens. This lens enables your eyes to works like a camera simply by looking and blinking. It literally enhance your ordinary eyes into “smart eyes”.

Smart Contact Lens

The technology itself isn’t new, it has been around for at least more than 3 years. 3 years ago, Google produced smart contact lens that could detect and help to cure illness like diabetes. 1 year ago, Samsung also presented smart contact lens with build-in camera and augmented reality function. And just like that this technology have continuously evolves to getting better.

The latest news about this technology comes from Sony. With auto focus, auto exposure, and adjustable zoom, it can function fully like any other cameras. It also can capture, store, and playback taken pictures. It appears to be able to record what the wearer’s seeing too.

A patient was filed for the tech innovation that would help augmented reality take a quantum leap forward. While this is still at the patent stage, if anybody can make it a reality it’s the tech pioneering Japanese.

The patient explains that the contact lens will be able to record video and capture images activated by a blink of the eye. That means the unit will have crammed in: an image capture device, main control unit, storage module, antenna and piezoelectric sensor.

It’s that last sensor which would determine the difference between a normal blink and a take-a-photo blink. Essentially by blinking for a little longer than usual, dubbed conscious blinking, a photo or video would be captured. The lens would even be able to zoom and autofocus. (

For more information about smart contact lens, you can check it here.