Art: Dance with Your Soul not Your Body


Art is a simple and universal language. With it, you can express the things that unspoken with words. You can add one or more thoughts/messages on a single artwork. Art itself have many forms, like drawing, painting, dancing, etc. And dance is a way to speak that doesn’t require much of the dancer.

Dancing is an art of speaking through your body. You can think of it as a form of body language. Dancing is both, art and body language. As for the music, it is the media to drive the “feels” flowing through dancing.

A dance may or may not have a deep meaning to it. Many people may see it as just beautiful, amazing, cool, etc. While the dancer may or may not have any deep meaning to his/her dancing at the time. But sometimes, even if it doesn’t have any meaning from the dancer, it can have some special meaning for the viewer, like a motivation or inspiration.

A dance that “hit the spot” of the viewer could even drive them to tears.

Dancing with your soul means you dance with your true self and at that moment. You feels like you’ve forgot about this world. You doesn’t think of what your dance looked like, you just dance. At that time, it’s as if all that matters to you is just dance yourself out. You feel at ease.

There’s also this “charm” that shown at the moment of dancing with your soul. For the dancer, he/she can only feel it to the peak. As for the viewer, you can see this “charm” or even feel it too, but not as much the dancer. The viewer may say “that dancer somehow looks glowing” or “that moves looks sad” about this kind of dancing.

Be true to your self through dancing.

Dancing this way can relieve so much stress or negative emotions and thoughts from your body and soul. It’s pretty much feels like meditating in yoga. You can do it even if you’re not a dancer or aren’t gifted to dance. Because when you dance with you soul, your emotions are speaking.

If you can’t express what’s inside you with words, to afraid to say it, to confused to explain it, to lazy to say it, etc, you can always try to dance it. You can do it everywhere you wanted to. As long as it is safe. Be true to your self through dance.

When you doesn’t know how to say it with words, dance it.

Art can be different for each individuals, especially for the artists.

Video: 1MILLION dance studio Youtube channel