Have you seen the live-action adaptions of Beauty and The Beast, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty (Maleficent) by Disney yet? If you haven’t then you better watch it soon since it may give you some “lessons” about life that you won’t find anywhere (easily). And do you know what “lessons” that I’m talking about? Read and you’ll (probably) understand.

As we all know that cartoons/animations/animes are all created mostly for underage ones. And why is that? Because underage basically needs knowledge and dreams of life, they need joy. So that makes these so-called underage shows can be as resourceful as any educational books for any ages. I personally thinks that most adult these days really needs some of these. Different from books, they mostly give us educations of how to live your life.

A child may look silly and careless, but look at them carefully, you might see “something” in them. Something that can either surprise or disappoint you. You can look back at yourself for example. Remember when you’re still young, you might play house as dad, mom, brother, or sister with your friends. How you played it might be reflected, even for a bit, in your life right now. There are also dangerous things such as playing hero with a sword/knife toy that you do a lot that time and end up enabling you as a potential assassin, soldier, etc.

Movies can also be used for learning. Even if movies are mostly fiction, it still contain some of the real-life truths at some points. It mainly shows or reflect a shred of the movie creators’ selves. After all, our life is what being reflected in our works, especially for artists. You need to dig deeper to “see” it as clearly as day.

How much of you that actually learns from characters such as Naruto or Belle?

Let’s just take Kate Middleton¬†as a real example. She is one of the few fortunate people that gained a life resembling to that of a fairy tale. She went from a commoner into a royalty. You may not get a life such as her, that is almost fairy tale like, but you can get a joyful and satisfying life such as hers. Remember that “What you learn from these stories can even be used for entrepreneurship“.

Entrepreneurs are mostly started from a dreamer. In this day and age, many people especially parents thinks that these shows give you no education and joy only. This is not entirely wrong but not true either. You must determine your own fate and what to learn. That way you can reach what you supposed to have in this life.

You can dream and be ambitious like Ariel. Be courageous like Mulan. Believe in what is right and better like Belle and Mereda. Be the best you like Hercules. Seek the truth and be free to express the real you. Never giving up. Getting a true love that could last forever. Cartoon/animations/animes may be considered as “child” show, but what you can get from there can also be used in your adulthood.

Never judge a book by its cover, and so is for your life.