Imagine the future and everything is possible, even if it's not right now.


For those of you who is a tech lover, a fan of the Michael Jackson or otaku fans of Hatsune Miku and her friends, you might already know what I’m talking about here. But for all my readers, “PREPARE TO DROP YOUR JAW!”.

Hologram technology is a photographic technology that visualize 3D object by using light field. However, this technology seems to have touched the 7D object field nowadays. The technology itself isn’t new to the world. We can even assume it to be older than the technology of smartphone. We can look back at American Idol’s duet concert of Celine Dion with the deceased Elvis Presley for example too.

The use of this technology is worldwide and it’s still getting better and better. We can easily find it on stages where we can see our stars’ legacy is being “brought back to life” again on stage. In China, we can see it being used in Jay Chou‘s duet concert with the deceased Teresa Teng. There’s also Hatsune Miku which is a vocaloid singer in Japan.

The technology have quite a long mechanical process. Basically, it’s start with the scanning, recording or programming of the movements and appearance with cameras and scanner. Then it’s transmitted through the computer into the projection device (laser light). Then there you go, a holographic object or person appeared on the site.

Theoretically, holography is based on the principle of interference. A hologram captures the interference pattern between two or more beams of coherent light (i.e. laser light). One beam is shone directly on the recording medium and acts as a reference to the light scattered from the illuminated scene. (holocenter.org)

Many fields uses this technology. Not only in entertainment, but also in business, gaming, advertising, etc. The possibility and potential of hologram technology are very large, almost infinitely large. Imagine you can interact with it or touch it like your android smartphones, maybe we can call it “holoid” in the future right?

In the business part, imagine if the technology becomes common, it also could greatly decrease the need for business travel. Instead of flying across the country to make a presentation, a business person could simply make the presentation through a hologram. (techworld.com)


for the detailed information of hologram technology, you can check Wikipedia.