What is “TELOLET”?


Along this year, there are multiple unique trends that has been going on all around the world, like mannequin challenge, bottle challenge, ice bucket challenge, and even that Pen Pineapple Apple Pen (PPAP). It may not be educational but it’s fun to do. It’s not only common people, even people like President Obama’s wife, Michelle Obama, do it too, that is the mannequin challenge.

On the end of 2016, Indonesia was being ‘consumed’ by a new trend, “OM TELOLET OM”. This one trend even got some of the Hollywood celebrities curious about it, such as DJ Snake, Zedd, etc. They posted they curiosity on their social medias. The funny part is, not only in his social media account, DJ Snake is also commented it in President-Elect Donald Trump’s post.

So what exactly is telolet? Why this can be viral? Even becoming a trending topic last Wednesday (21/12/2016)? Here’s the explanation.

“OM TELOLET OM” came from a video that shows a group of people standing in the roadside and ask the bus driver to honk “that honk”. From “this honk”, the sound “TELOLET” was heard. There’s a unique joy that was shown by the people when they heard it, despite its unhealthiness for their eardrums.

As for the viral international debut of “OM TELOLET OM” was came from DJ Snake. He wrote this quote on his twitter. And actually, this phenomenon has been famous on Facebook first. It’s just not as viral as now. Counted until now, there’s already 400+ tweets about it. And not long after its “debut”, it was used in many remixes by worldwide DJs.

Even if it’s fun, you have to remember that this isn’t 100% safe since it has high risk of accidents. This is why it’s done in the roadside. It can also disturb the traffic road. Therefore, if you really want to do it, make sure that the road is safe and not crowded first.