Pasta derives from the Italian word “pasta alimentare”, which means a mixture of food ingredients. Generally, pasta could mean all kind of mixture such as breads, pastry, or cake. In Italian, pasta which is made of noodle is called pastasciutta.

    Spaghetti is a long Italian noodle which is a bit thicker than a needle. This kind of pasta is American’s favorite, because it could be served with any kind of sauce, including the tomato sauce or the white sauce.
    You boil it for 9-12 minutes in a boiling water to make it “al dente”. It means it won’t stick on the teeth, not too raw, or not overcooked. There are various way to serve it, but the most famous way is to serve it as Spaghetti ala Bolognese, i.e. pouring beef sauce all over the pasta and spreading parmesan cheese granule all over it.
    Macaroni made of a durum wheat. Macaroni can be both straight or curve shaped, which often referred as the “Elbow Macaroni”. Elbow macaroni is more familiar in USA and Canada, while straight macaroni in England. This kind of curvy macaroni, which is shaped like the letter “C”, is what they call “Elbow Macaroni”.
    Fusilli is one of the pasta which has a spiral shape. It is usually mixed with a cream sauce and peas. Fusilli itself can actually be served with any other kind of ingredients such as chicken, beef, vegetables, and many others.
    It made of wheat. And by mixing another ingredient in the mixture, you can get different colors, which also affects the taste. For example, beetroot could be added to put a red color on the Fusilli, spinach for green, or cuttlefish’s ink for black. Fusilli is oftenly mistaken with rotini; a short, thin, circular pasta.
    Ravioli is a traditional Italian cuisine which looks like a dumpling. You can make it by putting in the filling between two thin pasta layers, and then you can serve it both with broth or pasta sauce.
    Ravioli has square shape in general. But there are also ones that round or half-moon shaped (mezzelune). This pasta resembles the other kind of circular pasta; tortellini, and its bigger variety; tortelloni.
    Acini di pepe actually has a shape that look like pepper grains. Which is why it’s also called as grains or pepper. It also used to make soups or cold salad. They’re also known as pastina (small mixture). However, some of the pasta maker distinguish pastina as a smaller version than acini di pepe. Some ceremony often use Acini di pepe for soups.
    Casarecce is a pasta which takes shape as a tight tube with a line pattern in its center. This pasta befits served with sauce, cheese, and some shredded beef.
    Conchiglie resembles a seashell and can be served with sauce, or can be added in both soup or salad. It has many color variation, which requires natural pigmen like tomato extract, squids ink, and spinach extract.
    This pasta is shaped like short pipes, which roughly looks like Canneloni, but has a thicker size. Several region called ditalini as macaroni salad. And industrial era in Apulia, ditalini pasta production has a rapid development increase in Italia. Ditalini wass mass produced in contemporary era. It was because ditalini was added in various kind of dish, mainly in the entire Sicilia, that time.
    Farafelle has another name, the “bow-tie”. Because of its literal shape which resembles the bow-tie worn by men when they wear tuxedos or suits. It befits served with various pasta and some kind of salads. There is another kind which still falls under farafelle category, i.e. farfalline. Farfalline is the smaller version of farafelle which has round edges.
    Fettucine is another kind of pasta which is also popular in many Italian restaurant. Fettucine has shoelace shape. And this kind of pasta is compatibly cooked with the kind of sauce containing meats like meat souce or carbonara. However, there is also a sauce variety which is very popular and becomes a pasta-lover’s favorite; the Fettucine Alfredo sauce.