I assume that you’ve all already know about how kind an angel can be and what are they capable of based on many medias. So I will tell you specifically about angels’ nature.

Angels are commonly known as God’s servants, majestic beings, warriors of Light, etc. and above all, they’re “helpers and friends”. As a human, you can also be an angel. Not by growing wings or having halo above your head, but by acting like one.

I find many people around me thinks that being good is a hardship. It’s true, but there is an easier way to do good without making it a hardship and forcing yourself to it. It is by making angels as your role models. Not may people truly try to make God Himself as a role model because they think they’re unworthy and such. That’s why I think using an angel as your role model is easier for most people.

Angels are not perfect, they’re very much like humans in what they do. They can also fall to darkness for what they do (sins). The difference is on the consequence. When a human do sins, human can easily ask for forgiveness from God through many ways, if you truly ask it from your heart. But when an angel do just one sin, the consequence is big and harsh. They’ll be considered as tainted. And based on the purpose of the sin, angels can fall and become demons, dark angels, or maybe something else.

By acting like an angel isn’t mean you’re pretending to be an angel. It’s more like you do good for earth, taking care of lives, or redeem your sins on earth. For example, protecting a child like a mom, taking care of an abandoned cat, donate to orphanage, help without asking any return, etc.


Incarnated Angels

Angels can also come to earth as earth angels. They can just transforming into humans for their missions or incarnate into humans. These humans are called incarnated angels. An incarnated angel usually come in a problematic family, in which the problems can only be solved with them coming into the family physically. But there are also other conditions for it. They can incarnate because of one or more specific missions/purposes.

As they are being born as a human, they usually lost their memories as angels. They forget all about it, including their missions. And because of this, they can’t fully use their angelic powers and energies as much as when they’re angels. But with time and help, they can reconnect with their higher selves, their heavenly light, and God, they can remember it all. Even so, some of them may still have a shred of their angel memories or heavenly connection with God upon being born as humans.

They usually have a very strong sense of purpose on earth as they’re reconnecting. A sense of purpose that feels as if you know it but can’t remember it.

The biggest weakness of these incarnated angels is that they’re too nice to the point they always says sorry even if it’s not their fault. They sacrifice themselves too much. It’s not a bad thing to do, but also not a good thing to do, even if you’re not an angel. Think of it like “if you destroy your self for other’s sake, then who will help the ones you haven’t helped yet?”. You will fall when you actually needed. And that is why it’s not a really good thing to do.


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