Balance, when you think about it, all the rules/laws of this world, including even the Jungle Rule, all are created only to creates “balance”. Even the earth creates its own balance by adjusting the seasons accordingly. And its been like that over the very long lifespan of earth. If earth can, why can’t you?

Balance in good and bad, I’m sure we all know about this, since it’s the most basic law in our life. But knowing isn’t enough, you have to understand it, since there’s also a balance to it. Understand this “balance” means you’ve understand the flow of this life.

“Someone who understand is sure to know, but someone who know isn’t always understand”

This kind of words have spread in this world and being used for different teachings and things all the time, except for one thing, its meaning. This kind of word play, or you may call it quote, is actually a portrait of the balance it self. Balance isn’t mean that you are in between, but you are in equal term of things. It’s like you’re in position of “you reap what you sow”, everything you do will and always come to equal term with something.

It might seem not important to you but have you ever thought of “Why God let the darkness exist?” or “Why God let bad things happen?”

  • If you haven’t, then all I could say is “ignorance is bliss” @.@
  • If you have, then all I could say is “balance” -_-

Admit it or not, God creates balance of all things. You do good, because you have bad things to avoid. You can be good because you didn’t do bad things. And for these bad things to exist, there have to be darkness behind it. Therefore, it’s not because God won’t destroy darkness, but because God can’t destroy it. As long as there’s even a little spot of darkness, darkness will exist. God is the manifestation of pure light and goodness, spotless, to make balance with the eternal darkness that will always exist as long as there’s a spot of it.

On earth, even if you don’t believe in God, you’ll be tied by this law. There’ll always be good in bad, and bad in good. It’s not inside and can’t be mixed. But it will never be apart of each other. Your flaws can be your gifts. Your misfortunes can be a starting point of your fortunes. As long as you’re alive on earth, this will be your law of life, your chain of life.chain-wide-wallpaper-12855

What makes you bad or good is your choice, you can bend the path of balance, light and darkness, as you wish, but the end will always be the same. Choose wisely!

-It’s been long since my last article. Sorry for my inactivity. Dear readers, I hope you’ll all be happy with the 3 articles that I’ll be writing for 3 days in a row from now as an apology. Enjoy your time reading!!-