Humans are Amazing

We are the World


I’m sure that we all know that as an intelligence creature who have the ability to think freely, whatever, whenever and wherever we want it to be, we are different from animals, we are humans. In that perspective, we are already special. We have so many possibilities ahead of us.

Human is not special alone, but together we are special. Humans also full of flaws. And these flaws are the ones that could make us step forward and open a new pages of potentials. There is balance in it that makes minus and plus become neutral. That is why humans can’t be alone. To fill the hole that you can’t fill, you need each other to fill it to become whole. You need others, and so are they need you.

I want to ask you to just imagine the future. Imagine your life and other people’s life around you, filling each other’s holes. How much potentials you can have together with them. How many roles you can have, as a child, as a parent, as a family, as a friend, best friend and many more. Don’t you want it?

Human is amazing, but humans are much more amazing.

Many people says great things about humans and how amazing we can be, now and in the future. But how much of they words that you actually absorb into your self? Are you sure that you’re not only listen but actually do it? Moreover, how much of it that you can actually achieve?

Humans do amazing in many ways. There are things that you can and can’t do. You may often think about the things you can’t do. But remember that what matters the most is how many things that you can do. Don’t stop here, step forward, even if it just 1 inch.

I said HUMANS ARE AMAZING not only because humans are individual creature, social creatures, God’s creation, etc. but because we are who we are. What we do in live and what you want to achieve makes you who you are today. Human is you, but humans are us.

So start to ask your self who I am?” and “what I want?” from today into the future, because these are the questions that will uncover your history and potentials for others now and in the future. Don’t be afraid of your dark side or your hidden unknown self. You are not alone, you can always talk and ask for help, so that you won’t stray on your way. You can always ask other people to pull or push you back to your path. All you need to do is ask.


I know that maybe my words can be hard to understand, especially for this kind of articles of mine. That’s why I want you to try to not think of my words simply just from your own perspective if you hard to understand my words, think of mine, think of others’ too. Because I write this article while thinking about you too, readers. ^_^