The most goal of everyone in this earth is to live better than before. But, in fact, so many people just stop there in a point of their life. There are many reasons why that happens. But, if you really want to get a better life than before, then stop doing these things…


Stop Giving Time for Wrong People

be happy

It happens so often that the cause of why we get our stagnan position is because we gather with wrong people. Wrong people here means that those people don’t have the same purpose like we do, which is to live better. That’s why, start to distance yourself from those people, and move to find people with similar objective.

Stop Running from Problems


Problems exist not to be avoided, but to be faced. From these problem we can get more mature each day and can learn what we should do in the future. So, stop running.

Stop Putting Other’s Concern Above Our Concern


Start thinking to put them both in a slightly similar level. Our concerns, of course, is on a slightly forward in the priority. Isn’t it better if we can achieve both?

Stop Being Someone Else

be your best self

Each of us must have their own unique self. It’s always different to what uniqueness others have. So, let’s start showing our uniqueness, and stop being someone else.

Stop Looking Back

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It’s okay to remember history as a lesson for the future, but don’t let the past be an obstacle for the future.

Stop Blaming Yourself for a Mistake

stop blame yourself

Understand that everyone makes wrong deeds, so don’t keep blaming yourself for your mistake. You have to note, though, to prevent the same mistake happens in the future.

Stop Putting Your Focus Only to the Thing That Scares You


Fear is always in everyone’s heart everytime they do something new. But to live a better live, don’t focus on that fear. Moreover, whenever required, challenge yourslf to face the fear and change that fear into power.

Stop Letting People Drag You Down into Their Level

nobody can drag me down

Befriending everyone is a must, but don’t let them bring us to a lower level than what we have now. It’s such a shame to remember what we’ve been through and have to come back

Stop Living in Hatred

stop hatingAren’t all religion tell us to love each other? It’s not only because that’s a commandment from God, but to love each other also brings our lives better. Our hearts can be bigger when we love others and provide no space for hatred.

So, friends, are you ready to step in the new page of your better-than-before life?