There are so many kind of toothache medicine on the market, but only some that could be effectively trusted. Some recommendation from me are:

  1. Super Green Plus SG

Brand wise, this is one of the best recommendation from me. It could cure or enlighten the pain in about 10 minutes only. Furthermore, it was made of many natural herb, like Nigella sativa aka habbatussaudah, Murraya paniculata aka Kemuning, etc. It can also be used to prevent cavities and such.

The most important thing is it have been approved by national public health office (DEP.KES.RI.NO.PIRT272.100914522) – Coincidently, we Caraspot also sell it: IDR 150,000 each (contact us from the contact above or comment below)

  1. Cataflam 50 Mg – Kalium diklofenak

It also included as NSAID (explanation above). It enlight the swollen ache or inflammation. Futhermore, it is also antipyretic and nalgesik. Some anti-inflammatory benefits is what makes it a toothache medicine that commonly used. The effects of this medicine relatively fast. This also why the dose must be right.

Make sure you don’t have an emphasis on the spinal cord, have never use cardiopulmonary bypass, aren’t allergic to the ingredients diclofenat, don’t have ulcers or gastritis, ulcers, bleeding disorders, not in the condition of pregnancy that has entered the final trimester, and also have impaired liver function. Because it’s all going to have a bad side effects for taking this medicine. Except for ulcers or gastritis, if it’s not too much. You can’t consume this medicine if your age is under 4 years old.

We also sell it: IDR 15,000 each

  1. Antalgin

It’s actually quite an old brand. It’s a tablet medicine. Consume it by drink it. We also sell it: IDR 50,000 each 2 strips.

Treatment and Cavities Prevention

If you don’t like to consume toothache medicines, then it means you have already get a toothache. If that the case, then you can do this:

  1. Gargling after eating every time so that there’s no tartar or cavities formed in the teeth.
  2. Make sure to brush your teeth at least 2 times a day, especially in the night. Make sure you don’t eat anything after brushing your teeth at night.
  3. Use thin brushed tooth brush so that it could reach even the smallest part of teeth or tooth gap. Make sure you don’t use hard tooth brush, because it can scratch and make your gum bleed, which is could cause an infection.
  4. Minimize your sweets-eating rate and don’t eat hot foods (boiling foods). But if you can’t, then make sure you gargle afterwards.
  5. Use dental floss once in a while to clean the tooth gap.
  6. Check up every once in 6 months to a dentist.

That’s all about toothache and its medicines. Hope you like it. Keep your tooth healthy!!