I’m pretty sure that you all now about werewolf, but what some of you might not know is that werewolf is actually only a subclass of werecreatures. Werecreatures is a type of supernatural creatures who can change shape and considered as shape-sifters class. They are vary from werewolf, werecat, werebear, weredragon, etc.

Among them, I choose werewolf, werecat, and weredragon as my favorites, especially werecat, since I’m a cat lover. They are basically the same, werecat for example. Just like werewolf, it means that it is a cat that could appear in human form or the other way around, human who can transform into a cat. The basic concept is the same, the only difference is that these werecreatures doesn’t have the same rules about their each shape-sifting and animalistic behaviour.

^_^ Personally I think you can name the werecreatures by just adding the animal names behind the “were-“, in other words were<animal name>. ^_^


Werecreatures are mostly furry animals and mammals, but there are some that comes from reptiles and such. Which is why the werecreatures are practically follow the jungle rules. And as for the pack/group, the way it was formed is very basic. Let’s take werewolf for example. A werewolf pack have one alpha whom is the leader of the pack. All the other creatures from the same pack will obey instinctively. The alpha is always be the strongest or smartest and the other just follow.

Werecreatures can be said to have more freedom than the vampires. They aren’t bothered by society that much, since the one they really care is the jungle rules. By that I mean not by acting like wild animals. It only applies in their transformed form. But they love freedom more than anything, they want to live unchained by anything.

As for the breeds, it can also be said that werecreatures have a very high mating and birth rate. It’s so high that the purebloods of the werecreatures are the rarest. In other words, the blood have been mixed thoroughly.

So, which werecreatures are you?