HI, Vampire/Dracula lovers. If you want to get to know things in the world of Vampires, then you come to the right place. Enjoy your reading and beware of the vampire bite…

Firstly, I won’t be talking about the vampire’s weaknesses (specifically), since I’m sure it’s pretty basic and we can see about it on some vampire movies too. Here I’ll be talking about the hierarchy of the Vampire Kingdom or should I say The Kingdom of The Night.

The Purebloods wdf_934015

The Purebloods are those whom genetically 100% vampire or considered as purely vampire. The purebloods were called as the devil sometimes. They are usually titled as royalties and high ranked nobles of vampires. A king and queen of vampires must be pure-blooded. They are also considered as rare breed, since purebloods have lower birth rate than other type of vampires. It could be said that the population of these purebloods has the lowest number.

The purebloods also have more abilities and stronger than other types of vampires. One of them is to transform humans into vampires. If a pureblood vampire bites you, you’ll transform into a vampire.

They also have longer lifespan and even considered as immortal as they also have a very high regeneration rate. They also have eternal youth, in which their appearance remains young for eternity. And for some purebloods, they could intimidate other vampires and purebloods like an alpha. This kind of pureblood usually considered as royals or the purest pureblood, and have higher chance to become the king or queen (leader).

These purebloods can also form a blood contract with other vampires or different creatures, like humans. Depends on the cotract and how it was formed, the purebloods can be either the maser or the slave. For example, if you wake a pureblood in slumber with your blood, he/she will become your slave. But remember, being a slave isn’t like he/she will always obey your every command. It just that you will gain the protection from the pureblood, he/she can’t attack you, and you can even get an ability or two as long as you still contracted to him/her.

Depends on how strong the pureblood is, he/she can even resist the vampire’s weaknesses, such as resistance to the sun light, going to church, etc.

The Nobleswallpaper-samsung-galaxy-note-5-ultra-hd-vampire-2160-3840-492

The nobles are those who can be said from mixed blood or transformed vampires blood, like ex-human vampires and such. They aren’t pure, but their vampire blood can be considered thick/almost pure. Therefore, the purer their vampire blood, the stronger they are as a vampire. Their powers are lesser than purebloods, but can be as strong as a regular or weak pureblood. They can’t resist the vampire’s weaknesses and they can get older appearance as they grow older.

These nobles can be related to purebloods family as well, since the nobles are usually come from the marriage of a pureblood with a regular vampire. They may not be considered immortal, but the purer their blood, the longer they live.

These nobles are vary, from low ranked nobles to high ranked nobles. But they can’t become the part of main royal family, unless the purebloods have been extinct. They can become royals with some exception of their existence, like maybe their blood is almost as pure as pureblood and can give birth to purebloods. Nobles have higher rate of birth than purebloods, but how pure their blood is still vary. These nobles also have titles to show their status among nobles, like The Count Dracula, which is a count.

As vampire, they can also form a blood contract, just like the purebloods. Basically, all vampires can have blood contract. The difference is only on the difficulty rate.

The Mutants/Regular Vampiresthumb-1920-115471

These vampires are the basic and lowest ranked vampires. They are purely from the mixed blood, transformed into vampire, and outcasts. They are mostly brutal, reckless, and out of control (violent). But there’re still some of them who can control themselves.

Most of these vampires doesn’t have any special abilities or powers. They are regular. They mostly have vampire’s speed, long lifespan, strength, and regeneration only. Of course there are some who also have more powers like the nobles, but usually not as strong.

They can also form the blood contract, but I bet it’ll be really hard, since they’re mostly uncontrollable and violent.

The Vampire Hierarchy by Levels

Those are the simple description of vampire’s hierarchy. To believe it or not it’s all up to you, and be sure to check the trick I put in my words here, if there is any trick here…

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