I know that in this HALLOWEEN day there must be many sites that’s gonna talk about it. Of course there’ll be so many kind of Halloween related topics you can seek. But you don’t wanna miss the article I made for sure, since it’s gonna be different from any other sites.

Considering this as a special day, I’ll be posting articles that talks about the supernatural creatures daily. And let me tell you this first, this is not based on any scientific research or anything realistic like that.

What I’m gonna do is invite you to enter “The Realm of Imagination and Myth”. Therefore, there might be a touch of history or fact in it, search for it and find it if you can!!..


Through out the history, there are so many background stories about this holiday. As for which one is the truth still considered as mystery. But who knows, there might be a little truth behind it all. There might be one truth, two truth, or maybe all is the truth. I’ll tell you 2 of it…: \(‘<,’)/\(*0*)/

  • The Headless Horseman

It was said that there’re lived a very brave and strong knight once. He is so strong that he might considered as a berserker. And of course, he also has so many enemies from all the wars and battle he fought.

One day he was tricked and killed by some of his enemies. They cut his head off and buried is headless body and his horse. They hid the head somewhere, separated from his body. It’s whereabouts is still unknown until now.

They thought that they’ve win for sure, but they were wrong. Surprisingly, the headless knight could rise every once in a year, riding his horse, searching for his head and seek for revenge. He will kill his enemies and their descendants undifferently, since he alo doesn’t know which ones that killed him. And he will search for his head, riding on his horse, copping of the heads of the living and tried to place it as his head. It is said that he still going out until now, searching for his head, on the same day of every years, that is THE HALLOWEEN DAY. He will visit every household he encoutered. And the only way to protect your house from him is by carving a scary face on a pumpkin, light it up, and place it outside your house, especially the front. That is Jack’O Lantern.

  • The Time of Those Who Lives in Darkness to COME OUT

It was said that once in every year, there’ll be a day when The Creatures of Darkness will out of the darkness and terrorize the world of the living. It was on the day of Halloween that this event take place. Therefore to make sure you won’t get haunted or attacked by them, you have to look like them. Dressing up and putting on make up like The Creature of Darkness, to make them think that you are their kin.

Beware of the darkness……….