Below are some tips you can use to help you cure toothache before it become too swollen and unbearable. The methods are using traditional herbal medication techniques (that you might don’t know). It’s from a trustworthy source in which highly recommended by many people, including dentist.

  1. “The miraculous” coconut shell oil

The coconut shell used here is the old ones. Cut and burn it without using any plastics or anything else that might cause any chemical reactions or contaminations. And when it have reached enough heat and produce its oil, slowly cool it down, but remember not to use water for it. While it’s still steamy hot, use the cotton to collect some of it. Then just compress your teeth or gum, right on the aching spot. Using this can relief the pain or even cure the toothache.

To make the result more effective, make sure to use many coconut shell (depending on you). The more oil being produced the more successful it is.

  1. “Potent” medicine made of garlic + clove + salt

You can also check about this method on other websites or blogs for more information of it, like

First, prepare mortar and pestle (or other crushing and grinding tools) you can use. Then crush and grind together peeled garlics, a knob of clove, and one spoon of salt. Grind it until it looks like a dough. You can also use olive oil if it’s get too dry.

Next, put the medicine directly on the painful or aching spot. Do this for about 3-4 times a day to get the result. But if you can’t take the taste, you can always use a fabric. But it will make the medicine less effective.

  1. “The natural way” of pepper and salt

You can also use some other blogs or websites for reference or source of its further information, such as that is the first to post about it. It was said that this method is highly recommended for when the teeth have become sensitive to the use of anti-bacteria, analgesic, and anti-inflammatory. To make it you must:

  1. Make a balanced compound between the pepper and salt powder. I recommend to use packed pepper (sachet) and mix it with (about) the same composition of salt in a bowl to balance it.
  2. Next, add a few drop of water in it to make thicken it like a pasta.
  3. Lastly, put it directly on the painful spot. Let it for a few minutes and then gargle. Do it every day for better result.