Previously, I’ve make a post about how I draw digital eye. I’ve also explained about digital art, especially it’s benefits for artists and aspiring artists who wants to draw anytime and everywhere without the needs to brought to much drawing tools.

Below I’ll be remaking the silhouette part in my newest artwork, “The Sunset”. I’m not remaking it ‘exactly’ like how I make it before. It’s because remaking it 100% like before is impossible. You can’t clone original artworks, unless, you “copy-paste” it in a computer as a data. Making artworks is not easy, especially when it is original artworks.

You don’t have to use a drawing as the background for this. It can also use photographs. You can even craft black paper as the silhouette part. It also depends on your creativity. Art doesn’t mean you have to draw or paint. Art can even be words like novels and literature. It depends on how you see it. As long as it is something that was “made”, “real”, “can be seen”, and “can be touched”, it can be considered as art. As for it aesthetic values, it depends on your own preferences.

“Art is not finite, but it is infinite”

This technique of making silhouette is usually used in sunset or sunrise artworks. And what I’m going to show doesn’t only applied in digital artworks. You can also use this technique in traditional artworks. It gonna take longer than digital artworks to actually get the satisfying result though. Furthermore, using silhouette for traditional artworks is kinda tiring.

But what can you do when you actually had the passion to draw it right?

Art is also about passion

Making artworks is not only for those who born with artistic skill, but it is also for you who have the will to make it.