Toothache is a pain that caused by the aching in teeth. It sometimes feels like aching pain and unbearably painful. There are so many reasons for this, from dental caries, cavities, gingivitis, TMU (Temporomandibular Joint), etc.

Based on dentistry, toothache can even be caused by heart disease (cardiac disease) symptoms. And in certain conditions, it could even cause a stroke to occur.

The lightest effect that commonly experienced by people is dizziness and uncomfortable sleep due to the pain.

At the beginning of the symptoms, the part of teeth that will get light aching pain is still bearable. But if you let it be, it will get more painful and the gum will get swollen with time. If it’s already happen, then you have to look for the medicine soon.

Natural and traditional medicines have been used as an alternative option to cure toothache. But there are also many who choose to use chemical medicine to cure it, especially when it got to the climax of the pain. When the pain is too much, you usually don’t care what medicine you used, as long it could enlighten the pain.

How to Cure Cavities, etc. and the Best Toothache Medicine Created from Herb Plants

There are so many medicines to cure unbearable painful toothache. The first kind of herbal medicines aka traditional medicines we know can be created by ourselves, or just by buying it in a pack (store).

As for the second one, there’s a pure chemical one and there’s also the ones that made of natural herb. It is usually packed in a bottle (the medicine is in liquid form) or other liquid container. These medicines can be found in pharmacy or directly from the dentist. It’s all up to you to choose which one is the best for you. But my suggestion is you better buy the ones recommended the most, because it’s usually more trustworthy and more secure from any unwanted side effects. Read below for more details.

How to handle toothache firsthand

When first experiencing pain or ache around the root or gum, then there are a few things that you can do. (I’ve tried these myself of course).

  1. Brush the painful/aching spot

Even though you can also find this method in Wikipedia, what I’m about to tell you is from my personal experience.

Brushing the teeth while experiencing pain actually helps to relief the pain and cleans the aching teeth/root/gum from the bacteria or something else that cause the pain. I personally use it no matter how painful it is, because it’s still can enlighten the pain even if it’s not curing it. Sometimes, even if the pain is unbearable, I would still brush it to relief the pain. To me, this method is better than using medicine.

In my opinion, while brushing, more foam means more effective. But of course, make sure to gargle a couple of times like what you’d do naturally. Furthermore, it sure is very painful, especially when your gum is swollen. But I still prefer the pain while brushing than the pain that makes me unable to sleep at night.

  1. Gargle with salt

We can consider it as an ancient/traditional way. This method has been passed down from our ancestors in every generations, though in this modern time there might not be many that still remembered it, especially the youngsters these days. As my personal recommendation, you better use this method after the first method (like a combination). Think of it like sterilization.

To do this, you must put salt inside a glass of water and mix it. The amount of salt is optional, but it would be better if you can literally “get salty taste” while gargling. Salt is good as sterilization against bacteria. I assume you’ve known that salt is also a marinating ingredient, it was also because of its sterilization ability (one of the reasons).

  1. Put on clove oil

Other than the two method above, you could also use clove oil by putting enough of it on a cotton (I recommend facial cotton), then “stick” it on the painful/aching spot. Make sure it stays on it place for a long time. To make sure it stays on its place, you can nip or bite it.

  1. Compress it to reduce the pain

In this method, you compress the pain spot by compressing wet fabric on your cheek. The fabric you use must be thin. It can help you relief the pain. But remember not to use ice at first because it could worsen the ache (it’s like nerve shock). Toothache is sensitive of hot and cold.

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