Do you know that books are the window of the world?


Books are where we can find so many kind of information from many knowledge varieties. And there’s also reading. Reading can help us to change the future for the better and also increase our intelligence.

There are also the benefits of reading like stimulating our brain, increasing our intelligence, decreasing stress, etc.

Reading can also help us to assembling and actuating our dream. Where that can be achieved by reading. For you who love reading, especially those who love fiction stories, of course you know a lot of variation of story plots and many genres. This can make us have so many imaginations on our brain. From that point, we can make use of it to imaginatively build the picture of our dream when it became reality in the future. It’s like when you’re trying to become better than the fiction characters on the story you read. And then you can start to develop and actuating what you’ve planned before. In other words, from where we read books is where our dream starts to taking form.

So my friends, let’s read as much as reading!! From reading you can know and understand more of how we can effectively and efficiently actuating our dream and wish.