Fast Digital Eye Sketch


As we already know, now is the era of technology. And there’s so many things that used to be created in real life “directly” have become digital, or at least supported by it, essentially. Art is not an exception of course.

You probably have seen so many digital artworks from so many media, like Instagram or movies. Even those 2D or 3D animations can stillĀ be considered digital artworks after all. Digital art actually isn’t something new. But what makes it great to learn is its efficiency and effectivity.

There’s also how it could makes some “usual” hindrances, like “one mistake ruins everything” or the hesitation to “make no mistakes as much as possible” gone. These hindrances could make the artist frustrated sometimes (believe me, it’s really annoying). By using layers to draw, every time there’s a mistake in the outcome, we can erase, undo it or delete the layer without damaging the other finished part of the artwork. It’s a very great opportunity for artists, aspiring artists, and those of you who interested in it, to be able to freely making artworks, without afraid of making unrepairableĀ mistakes. It can also help to make new drawing techniques of course.

What I want to show you here is a simple art tutorial of how to draw an eye digitally. It’s my original eye artwork. I hope you like it!!..

For the video, I’m using AZ Screen Recorder and VivaVideo Pro apps (downloaded from Google Play Store).