For almost one week, the whole world have been talking about Hillary Clinton’s health. This is because Hillary looked unwell at Ground Zero (9/11). There’s even a footage of her fallen.


The doctor said that she has a pneumonia and know have recovered. But a famous Nigerian-American forensic pathologist and neuropathology, Dr. Bennet Omalu, tweeted “something” that makes the world rethink it again. He write “I must advice the Clinton campaign to perform toxicologic analysis of Ms. Clinton’s blood,” “It is possible she is being poisoned” on his twitter.

Not only that, he also suspect the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, and Hillary’s president-to-be rival, Trump, as the ones who poisoned Hillary. That’s why he suggested Hillary to perform toxicological analysis.

Hasil gambar untuk bennet omalu

He also added that he doesn’t trust Putin and Trump. “With those two all things are possible,” he tweeted.

Even though what he said doesn’t have strong foundation, it is still can’t just ignored it. Thinking back the fact that Putin and Trump were once have a close relationship. It was proofed when Trump expressed his admiration of Putin. Furthermore, Trump’s campaign manager was once worked in Russia.

The current question is WHAT IS THE REAL CAUSE OF HILLARY’S ILLNESS AND TO FELL (FAINT) THAT DAY? Is it true that pneumonia is the cause or is it actually like what Bennet Omalu said? What do you think?