The End of Mr. and Mrs. Smith’s Love Story

The Divorce of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie


In 2003, the love story of Brad Pitt and Angelina that started after they filmed together at “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” (2003) as The Smith Couple shocked the world. One can say that their love story wasn’t a smooth one. As we know that Pitt was still Jennifer Aniston’s husband at the time. It was 2 years after their love story began to bloom that Pitt officially divorced from Jennifer.

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Pitt and Jolie’s relationship (Brangeline) was blooming even more after that. And they’re officially married in 2014 after they got three biological child and three foster child.

Unfortunately though, their love story must end. Brangeline shocked the world one again, when Jolie issue a divorce. Many people confused by it, including famous people like Marion Cotillard, a France actress who was Pitt’s partner at filming in his new film. Most people suspected her as the cause of Brangeline’s divorce. But it has been confirmed officially that it’s not true. Marion was still living happily and loves her husband.

There’s also another source that said Brangeline’s divorce was caused by the differences of their concept in raising their children that makes her fed-up with it.

Many people have responded about this news, especially the ones who knows them personally. Adelle said that she want to make a special concert for these two. And as for Jennifer, she said that it was a karma.

And so the love story of Brangeline ended in divorce. As their fans, of course we must hope for the best for these two.

Hope things will go well and better for them and their children.