There are so many people around the world that have become a vegetarian. And there are so many reasons for it. I’ll tell you some of the most reasons here. Who knows you might want to become one too.

Animal Lover

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As an animal lover, of course these vegetarians doesn’t like to eat animals. Furthermore, the way of making these carnivorous foods can be considered as torturing animals by these people. They might even think of it as a brutality to the animals since these animals were killed first before the food-making progress begins.

Meats can also be a source of illness

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This is mostly applied to common mass-producing animal farms. Making animals’ meat to its highest quality (more or less) can be chemically these days. Those chemical substances can cause some side effects (dangerous) in our body. Moreover, animal fat was known to have negative effects for human body, like cholesterol for example.

Vegetables’ nutrition aren’t inferior to animals’

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You won’t get nutritional deficiency when you become a vegetarian because vegetables, fruits and nuts also very nutritious, especially for vitamins like Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, etc. which is also very important for a healthy human body. Other than vitamins, vegetables, fruits, and nuts may also containing protein, minerals, calcium, etc. 


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We’ve known that meats are considered expensive nowadays, while vegetables are relatively cheaper than meat. You can compare them yourselves. The price of a meat based foods is higher than a vegetables based food for the same quality.

Depleting global warming effects

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Meats were contributing approximately 20% of carbon dioxide to the world. It was counted from various substances and gases that were produced from animal-farm. This fact was founded by FAO in 2006.

So, are you interested to become a vegetarian too?