It is common for some people to eat duck meat. Not only tasty, duck meat is also a favorite. Not to mention that in Indonesia, it’s even tastier with traditional chili sauce (local spice) and panggang-bebek-peking-merahfried eggplant. It’s true that duck meat could cause cholesterol or blood lipids. But after some research, it was concluded that duck meat also have good benefits (nutrients) for our body. Here are some of its benefits:

  • Protein

Every 100 grams roasted skinless duck meat contains 23.5 grams protein. It is enough to fill about 47% of our daily protein needs.

  • Healthy Fats

Duck meat contains 35.7% of saturated fat, 50.5% monounsaturated fats with high linoleic acid and 13.7% polyunsaturated fats that contain omega 3 and 6. So, if we consume duck meat moderately, of course its fats won’t disturb our body system.

  • Calorie

3.5 oz. (equivalent to 1 ounce) of fresh duck breast meat contains 211 calories.

  • Minerals

High iron content in the duck meat is enough to meet up to 50% of an adult body’s daily iron needs. Iron is essential to form hemoglobin and red blood cell regeneration. Duck meat also contain phosphorus. It is needed by our body to help the formation of bone and dental cells. One portion of duck meat can meet up to 36% of an adult body’s daily phosphorus needs.

After we know the benefits of duck meat, we need to highlights the importance f minerals for our body. It is very important for our body, especially iron. As we need it to form hemoglobin, we can also get it from various other sources, such as ionic drinks or red guava juice. We can use ionic drinks as a substitute of red guava juice. Ionic drinks or red guava juice can help us to reproduce platelets when it’s depleting.

Well? It’s interesting right?

A food that we used to think as dangerous for our health can actually be useful for our health.