CAVE (Cave Automatic Virtual Environment) is a tool that based on Virtual Reality System. CAVE is mostly used by business enterprises to support its developing system and production. Many business considered using CAVE is very efficient and effective, especially for the ones that works on technology-based field of work or industrial world. But other than business, it can also be used for other things like watching movies, gaming, etc.

Cruz-Neira, the head of the University of Arkansas’s Emerging Analytics Center, is a pioneer of CAVE, which is a fully-immersive 3D environment that doesn’t wrap around your head, but around your whole room.

CAVE set up

First CAVE product
First CAVE product – CAVE1

A typical CAVE set up includes the following:cave0

  • Rear projection walls
  • Down projection floor
  • Speakers at different angles
  • Tracking sensors in the walls
  • Sound/music
  • Video

The New CAVE Environment

CAVE2™ Hybrid Reality Environment is the new appearance of CAVE that can be considered looks more futuristic. It also have more space and screens inside.


With CAVE2, manufacturing product can be very easy, even easier than using CAVE1 (the first CAVE). Many products, including vehicle like cars and planes was created with the help of CAVE.

It is very exciting to think of how many potentials and more benefits can be gained in the future with it. Who knows what future CAVE(s) can be?

You can check more about CAVE on Wikipedia or this link.