For you who haven’t read my Individual Uniqueness, Self-Manipulation, and What is Your Dream articles, I recommend you to read it first.

As for you who is too lazy to read the whole article, you can just scroll down and look for the “bolded paragraphs”, but don’t blame me or misunderstand it okay?

It might going to be a bit different from what you (maybe) already know from other sources, since there also different meanings of Self -Manipulation by others.

I’m sorry that my words can be confusing and easily be misunderstood, so regarding the relation between unique self and Self-Manipulation Skill, I’ve make a simple illustration below, in the ends of my article. You can just skip the whole thing and go there directly if you want to. 

Regarding to my previous post about Individual Uniqueness, let me tell you that it is not directed just for you to accept yourself and your uniqueness (flaws included), but it also meant for you to also accept other people’s uniqueness too, even if their uniqueness is so rare, different, and “never seen before”. Human’s uniqueness is a combination of your personality/traits, skills, and flaws. What you can do is what makes you unique.

Flaws is commonly seen as your negative points and you might as well rejected it and not admitting it, consciously or subconsciously. Most people thinks of how to get rid of it or hide it deep down, forever if it is possible. But when you can’t do it any more, you just give up and let it be. You might be thinking “human is not perfect and so am I, so I’ll just accept it” or “only God is flawless”. This is what people “normally think”, and this way of thinking is what makes you limited.

I’m not saying you can be unlimited. You can be more than what you are now, if only you could make use of those flaws to become your power to move forward. Flaws is only flaws if you only think so, but it can also be your unique kind of power if you think so too.

I’m not a God and I’m definitely not a saint, but I personally think that God actually wants you to overcome that “wall” and be free. I’m not going to force you to think the same way as I do, but at least, DON’T GIVE UP. I too have my flaws and I’ve accepted it, not as my weaknesses, but as my powers, my motivations. After all, God gave me these flaws in my life, and I believe that God gave me this not as something to hold me back, but to make me move forward instead. I’m saying this “not only” for those who believe in God, but also for you who don’t believe. Because I also believe that even if you don’t believe in God, you still can’t deny the fact that you have flaws (weaknesses).

Human have many potentials that is still unknown. Only you know yourself the best in this world. Human’s potentials is so many that at some point we might encounter someone that is so different from us in term of knowledge, point of view, skills, etc. and it’s not impossible that you might find someone that have skills that hasn’t been scientifically recognized.

Street Art source: Google Image
Street Art
source: Google Image

In most cases, you might think of him/her as a weirdo, outcast, or even a target for bullying. You’ll find it hard to include him/her in your social circle. This kind of way of thinking is what I call rejection for their uniqueness. But in some cases, you’ll think of him/her as someone special and you might try to get inside his/her social circle. And this is what I call as an act of acceptance for their uniqueness.

As for Self-Manipulation skill, I personally think of it as just an alternative option. Furthermore, it is a skill that I used to myself and not to other people. I can say that this skill is like a total wild card. It can be very dangerous, especially if you have such a high imagination ability and weak will power.

You need to manifest your imagination to the highest. The target is when your imagination could resemble or look almost as clear as you memory. Once you’ve reached this level, you’ll be able to use Self-Manipulation freely.

Self-Manipulation skill use your will power as the control. In other words, this skill is either good or bad, depending on why you learn it, your character, and how you do it. You have to be able to control it so that this skill won’t make you lose yourself. For that, you have to be able to fully focusing your mind on controlling it.

Self-Manipulation is actually a part of my uniqueness, or you can say that my uniqueness give birth to it. Even so, Self-Manipulation is not mine alone, it can also be yours, as long as you train yourself for it. Everyone usually using it in small scale, and most of it is for suggestive or motivational acts. Self-Manipulation isn’t necessarily have to be used in such a large scale to change yourself. You use it just to widen your perspective. You also can use it to change your negative feelings (nervous, angry, anxiety, etc.) instantly.

Human’s uniqueness is the reflection of one’s self, so you have to accept yours and others. Uniqueness is something that can’t be “caged by normality standards”. What you think is normal is actually just a standard to scale or classify an individual or a society.

As for evolving dream, it is actually very similar to lucid dream. It feels similar to it, the only different is just that it is reversed. In lucid dream you know that you are inside your dream. While in this evolved dreaming state, you are dreaming while you awake at the same time. So while you’re awake and doing your activities, you can dreaming, like as if you brain is asleep.

To be able to “dream” without disturbing your daily activities, you have to master Self-Manipulation as much as possible, or else it would make you just daydreaming (something like that). This state can also be said like simulating things in your brain (imagine it) like a dream. To make it look clearer in your mind, you’ll need to focus and imagine it until it looked like your clear memories.

As a simple example (illustration)of the relation between individual uniqueness and Self-Manipulation Skill, imagine yourself as a great white shark who eats only fishes and sea mammals. One day you suddenly want to eat plankton like a whale and you did it. The the other days, you want to eat sand, eat iceberg, etc. and you did it all. And after all those eating, you yourself is still a great white shark right? It doesn’t change what you are. It makes you have other new eating varieties and you can still eat what you originally eat. The great white shark represents yourself, your unique self, and your original food is your original traits/characteristics. Your other things is other traits/characteristic you want to have or store in yourself. And you eating those other things is you manipulating yourself.

Evolved Dream is one of Self-Manipulation’s results. Self-Manipulation is one of unique skills an unique individual can have and so can you.


  1. Here are some sorry-no-offense technical comments, followed by the meaningful conclusion I’ve got from your latest article:
    1. You’re writing an article so you come up with risks of being responsible towards your opinion, yet to be criticized or even belittled by others. Readers have a complete right to judge you in mind by every sentence you wrote.

    2. You shouldn’t deny for have being said inconsistent if you yourself say that “this article might be different from another source” which you write it all by your own perspectives.

    3. “God actually wants you to overcome that “wall” and be free”.
    If God really did want it — err you read the Bible right? — then God won’t count eating the fruit of knowledge as sin.
    How come you write that sentence followed by ;
    “After all, God gave me these flaws in my life, and I believe that God gave me this not as something to hold me back, but to make me move forward instead”.
    A simple question, so do the negative sides act as a “wall” or a something so-called “help me to move forward”?
    And do you really think that by “breaking” the “walls” (bad traits), you can be “free”?

    4. “And as for changing yourself, it is all up to you, I’m not forcing you to it. I accept everyone’s uniqueness even if I don’t meet them directly.” And as for this sentence, you’re avoiding conflicts and critics ‘cos you think WELL THIS IS MY OPINION NOT YOURS SO BE GOOD AND BE KIND COS I DONT FORCE Y’ALL AT ALL THIS IS JUST MY OPINION I AM NEUTRAL SO VERY NEUTRAL.

    These kind of posts should be categorized as Personal Phylosophical Opinion rather than as Knowledge since it cannot be generalized.
    And I smell half of self-boasting and half of hesitation on this article.

    So, this is the overall conclusion I got:
    I believe that you’re a girl who doesn’t get many friends cause you think you’re special and people finds you weird. I strongly believe that you’re the girl graced by this special uniqueness yet you lived throughout social rejections. You are unbelievably tough. You ARE strong.
    And you know what will make you stronger, more than ever? By accepting that rejection, swallow that bitter pill of life. You ARE unique, but by begging to be accepted on every other people social circle is mainly changing yourself from unique to common, if everyone else easily accept you, what really makes you unique? Socialites have large social circles, extroverts do too, mostly half of the earth get along well with others as easy as give out pep talks. If you are rejected, means you’re unique. Have your pride up, no need to be accepted by everyone right.
    “Your unique side deserves to be found by only few special people you’ll overcome in your life”.

    By accepting rejections, you’ll be more vulnerable than ever.
    You’ll be braver to express yourself.
    You don’t have to put up so much inconsistencies because you’re longing to express yourself and your way of thinking yet you’re afraid of rejections.

    Hey, the Messiah Himself came to this world bearing much rejection throughout His life, ended up the journey crowned not by confession of the world, instead by The Father.
    I do appreciate you and I probably won’t hold on much if I lived your life, so be proud of yourself and let’s start living a positive life.

    • I’m very sorry that you seems to misunderstand my words a bit. I see that you quite understand what I’m talking about here, I say you understand about almost the entire topics, 80% to be precise. You see I’m writing about the first three paragraphs as just recommendation and warning since I know that I’m writing something personal. Writing is not easy, I have to think about this article and its contents for about 4 days in a row, even when I’m with my friends and while I’m on the road, they even think I’m over thinking it. So allow me to answer your questions and make your perspective clearer.
      1. I’m not afraid to be criticized, I say “don’t blame me or misunderstand me” and the other thing because I want you, reader, to keep your mind that this article isn’t a common topic, and that my words here can easily be judged by different perspective. So I do appreciate your comment and THANK YOU.
      2. I’m not denying about my inconsistent. That is also a part of me. I’m not inconsistent when I’m researching something and when I’m facing with someone who knows more than me. You see the problem is, you’ve never met me directly or meet someone similar to me, so you think I’m denying things, but in reality, I never deny my errors. I say sorry for it.
      3. What you write in no. 3 is actually the reason why I write “it might different from what you already know from other source”. Because it is different. And about the move forward, I won’t deny that I do need that, after all I need to move forward in every seconds in my life until I’m dead. But you misunderstand about the “wall”. The “wall” actually not the flaws. Thinking that the flaws is the wall is a proof that you didn’t get what I mean. The “wall” is actually what you call standards or “normal”. I know that it is hard to understand since this is a nonexistence wall, it’s not always been “there”. It’s fine if you don’t understand.

      about the category, sorry we don’t have that category in this website. I never think of my self as special, even if there’s someone saying I’m special, I’ll get confused by it. I’m just saying I’m different because I’m not the same person as you or every one else. And you see, I’ve never been rejected, it’s true there are conflicts, but my friends and I never cut our relationship.
      You feel there’s hesitation because I am hesitating. I’ve never put my personal thoughts entirely in an article before, so I’m not sure of how I’ll write it.
      I’m sorry for you all who read my answer in this comment, if you think that I’m still denying in this comment.
      You see I don’t lie. Believe it or not I can’t lie, not anymore. It’s true that I have personal issues, but I’m not hiding it or anything.
      I have many friends, thank you. It’s true that my friends used to call me weird in elementary school, but somehow they all change they opinion by their own self as they get older. You might still think you’re right and I don’t blame you. If I say I’m a gamer, will you believe it?

      To make you understand me a bit, I’ll tell you this:
      I’m a Catholic, I’m an older sister, I’m a gamer, I’m an aspiring artist, I have about 8 accounts in different social media, I have hundreds of friends (foreigners included), I’m physically strong, I’m a fast learner, etc.
      I’m not denying rejections. It’s all about perspective you know. I don’t blame you to think so. At least you seems to have a glance of my past, my childhood. Great, are you a psychic? (sorry I’m just joking)
      I just want you to be free. Free to choose, free to see, free to hear, free to say, free to feel, etc.
      It’s actually really hard to relate the three, this is the best I can come up with.

      The Messiah, Jesus Christ, do bear much rejections, but there are still those who appreciate Him. How many people have heard His words until now?
      To me, Jesus is my role model, I’ve been saved once when I confessed all my sins in front of the Pastor for the first time when I was a middle schooler.
      He is the way, the truth, and the life.

      Thank you for your comment. And I really do appreciate your comment.