Hi guys, this is my first post and I decided to discuss about this thing that swirled around my mind lately because I lost my phone; is karma real? Is it true that the perpetrator of something bad will reap a similar incident later in his or his children’s life, or is it true that a helper will get help from the other when he least expect it? There, or all things in this life is just “the survival of the fittest”, where the one clever enough to take the dishonest path will never get his own boomerang zooming on him later?

Firstly enough, I’ll discuss it from the point of view of Christian viewpoint. Why? Because a religious answer will be the least heard by people who are hard to be satisfied, and this world is not only inhabited by Christian. For Christians, the answer is very clear: God doesn’t sleep and God isn’t blind either, what you sow will be what you reap. And the fruit is doubled: you will reap them in this world, AND it will be counted among your deeds in the afterlife. This is absolute and needed not to be discussed further.

Secondly, I’ll try to prove it by using the experiences of other people who has some numbers in their age. They said it is REAL. Do good, be good, get good. Do bad, be bad, get rekt(excuse the manner of speech). An old woman said that her brother was poisoned to death by his wife because his wife fell in love with another man. The husband had to get limp in the hospital and couldn’t even wake up. He was so weak and even vomiting blood even though he was a former bodybuilder. Then he died. Later in her life, she got a weird, unknown disease that corroded her backbone, make her paralyzed for some long time, and her new husband couldn’t do a thing about it, then she died.

Another experience told me that a boy who returned a gold chain to an old lady got blessed by her, and later in his life, someone returned a phone he had lost earlier. If you ask your mother, she will say that Karma is true. If you ask the fathers, they will be not really sure, probably because men seldom pay attention to small details like that (I’m one of those guys).

Of course, there are cases like Mengele, who was a torturer in the Nazi camp and was clever enough to avoid imprisonment. He seems to never reap a bad fruit in his life until his death. The current rumor was that his death was caused by stroke when he was swimming. But let’s not count his life experience to determine whether karma is real or not. We really need to see facts from the people themselves, not from data from the internet.

Thirdly, this is from people who seem to be the ones putting logic above anything else: the answer is no, karma doesn’t exist. This life is full of ups and downs. It’s normal and we get good results when we have it and we get bad results when we have it. They are not related to karmic factors. Problem is, people often associate the bad things as a result from what they did earlier, that’s why you often heard people murmuring “what did I do to deserve this?” when they got a surprisingly bad incident.

They said, some people are murdered, doesn’t really mean that they have murdered somebody at some points in their life. It’s like things happen, man, it’s just nothing romantic. These type of people are also satisfied from a good results by associating them as a reward that they deserves from their past good deeds. Not by chance or any luck.

Fourth and the last, I believe I have to state my own opinion. I believe karma exists. Karma is an unpleasant fact for me. It feels like some people are good just because they don’t want to get a bad karma. Karma is the only reason these people are good. But karma exists, like, it appears in your aura and they attracts people of your like to you. If you do good, some good people will swirl around you, and so will otherwise if you do bad. So what would you expect if you do bad and got bad companion? Well, obviously, bad results.

I do believe that this life is full of ups and downs, but let me tell you my other opinion; karma also determines how far will these ups and downs go and how long its duration will be. For example, if you do good so often, you will get a larger result in your upper life state and its duration will be longer. You will also get significantly smaller bad result in your lower life state and its duration will also get shorter. I have been almst too deeply in the secret of life. This is what I encountered and discovered along the way.

So, have any thought about karma? I might could help you with those thought. I hope you can make your own decision about this subject so you can move forward your life.