Everyone surely has at least a hobby, and one of the most favored hobbies is READING. Reading isn’t just for books or those boring lessons, but also for things like reading manga, novels, news papers, etc. as long as it’s still considered as reading something. And here are some benefits you and your brain can gain from reading.

  1. Reading can make you feel relax and calm (stress reduction) Hasil gambar untuk readingWhen you feel stressed and tired. And there’s even a reasearch of how reading could cure stress better than listening to music or traveling
  2. Insomnia reductionHasil gambar untuk sleepIt’s a method that could prevent insomnia. It also can improve our sleeping quality. Hard to sleep can also be caused by not enough brain works. After all, sleeping isn’t just for body, but brain as well (most part of the brain).
  3. More knowledge, vocabulary expansion,etc (smarter brain) Hasil gambar untuk readingEven if not all books is educational, it still contains a bit or large information (depending on the information you’re looking for). By reading we could improve our brain’s capability. There are so many kind of books nowadays, from children’s to elder’s, of course that includes various genres of the books.
  4. From reading we can also gain writing skill or as just a hobby Hasil gambar untuk writingIt is a fact that many famous authors got their writing skill after they have reading as their hobby. And even after they’ve become famous, they still loves reading. We can put the words we get from reading in our writing. And from our writing, we can pass the words to our readers.
  5. Mental stimulationHasil gambar untuk mental stimulation with readReading can stimulate brain mentally and as a result it could also slow down (or preventing) getting Alzheimer or Dementia. This is mainly because by reading we could train our brain to memorize words or stories of the books or other reading mediums we read.

If you love your brain, read as much as you can, before it’s too late