“Everyone is unique” is a fact that most people easily forget unconsciously as their grown up. This is due to human’s nature to differ individuals that is too different from others. In human society, most uniqueness are only allowed in childhood, but it “have to change” when you start to enter adulthood. This uniqueness is something that to some extent only one or a few people can have. Uniqueness is different for every people, there’s no way two exactly uniqueness can exist at the same time, even if it can, it is very rare. But two or more “similar” uniqueness can exist.

It’s true that not all uniqueness can be accepted in society when you reach adulthood, but that doesn’t mean that it have to change. Human doesn’t accept someone who is different from them in to their circles of society. It’s a good mind set ‘only’ if you make it to cast away bad things or bad people. Applying this to all people is gonna end up making this world/human society gradually losing it’s “colors”.

People change, environment change, all changes in this world, including the ones in the future, makes everything can be important. Like a chain of life or the wheel of life, some things like, your and other’s uniqueness may not be essential now. But it can be in the future. So people, don’t reject them. Try to understand them. Accept those unique people and their uniqueness. As long as it doesn’t make other suffer or losing something important, accept it. It wont do any harm to do just that you know.

Don’t let yourself be colored, but be the one to color the world.


  1. Regarding your previous post about “Dream” related to “self-manipulating” (I also read from your personal blogspot), if you say that we should accept our personal uniqueness and personality colours, do you think that we still need to self-manipulate ourself? Since self-manipulating means we dream or imagine ourself having personalities we want and the traits we aren’t born with. Thanks.

    • Hi Maria. My post about self manipulating and this one is actually related in case if something goes wrong. You can say that it just an alternative option if there is someone who doesn’t accept you as you are or when you need to get adapted to an environment faster/instantly. As you know that the future is still unknown, therefore it is possible that you might need other alternative options in case of that. And regarding to my Self Manipulating post, it is something that you could do even if you don’t change yourself, if you can control and mastered it as a skill. It’s true that it could very possibly change your real self, that is precisely why I make this post about uniqueness, so that you can still remember your true self. Self Manipulating can be something really bad to your self if you can’t use it properly. I my self is actually writing theses two post (or three if you count the other one too) based on my own personal experience as I’m able to self manipulate if the situation needed and I can turn back to my self again once the situation is right. You can take this self-manipulating skill as some kind of switch that you need in case of certain situation. How you can do it is based on the personalities or traits you have, that’s why my self manipulation post can serve as some kind of guide or example of how to do it.

      Thank you for your comment. I’ll make my Self Manipulating clearer so that it won’t mislead other reader.

  2. after reading your article, i agree at some of your points of view. however, after I read your comment, things went blur. everything is contradicting each other and making us confused.
    you said that you accept people as they are, but you also said that you did some manipulation. So what is the point of manipulating then ? only to gain benefit for yourself ? or to gain your own egoist goals? or only to make others do what you want?
    if you have already accept who you really are, then why bother being someone else regardless of your reasons.

    so, if you dont mind, would you write some more article that explain dream, manipulating, unique individuals in a specific and detail way.
    also, if you can, please wrtie another article that compares those three in some kind of table which shows the differences and similarities among those three.

    • Hi Surya. I know that it seems contradicting and complicated, I’ll make an article to make it clear so that you know the connection between those. And about the manipulating, it’s actually just an option “if” needed and I’m not saying that you do the manipulating to other people, it’s to yourself temporary.
      Anyway I’ll make it clear on my next article. Thank you