Sometimes we still wonder why when we capture an image, the result is rather oddly uninteresting and monotonous. It could be because you haven’t understand the factors that could influence your photo. Below are four factor that you could take note about when you’re controlling your camera.

1) Diaphragm.

                Diaphragm is a component of the lens which controls the intensity of the incoming light into the camera. Diaphragm is shaped like a hole with adjustable size and it can be found in the lens of the camera. Diaphragm is always inside the camera and is one of the many factors that affect the amount of light that a picture have.

2) The “Rana” Speed.

                The rana speed, or as known as the shutter speed, is how fast a shutter of a camera open and close back. Shutter speed controls the duration of the light that hits the film stripes. A shutter works like a window. It is on the front of the film stripes and it always covers the film if the shutter release isn’t pressed, to protect the film stripes from light. When shutter release is pressed, then the shutter will open and close back so the light can enter into the film and shine on it.

3) The Film Sensitivity(ISO)

                The speed of a film is the measurement of a photography film sensitivity to light, which can be determined by a sensitometry and measured in various numeric scale, which ISO is the newest system. An ISO system is oftenly used to scale the sensitivity of a digital projecting system. The higher the number i, then the more sensitive it is to a film light. The standard measurement scale of the film sensitivity is bit ISO, and it is graded in numbers.

4) Lens Focus Point

                The lens focus point is the light projection point from the focus point to the focus object. The ideal focus point is on a focal plain object and is a Gauss point.

                Just by understanding and paying more attention to these four factors above, your photo can be better and more interesting like a professional photographer, and the most important thing to do is to never give up and never stop improving even though you’ve already the best in capturing photos.

Good luck!