Learn English with Fun Now!


We’ve already learn English since Elementary School, or even from Kindergarten, that English is an important language. And since it is an international language, you usually use it especially for international communication.

Too bad not all people (that is mostly not come from English speaking countries) love to learn it just because of some petty and cliche reasons like “it’s too hard”, “it’s not even my main language”, or “it’s too confusing”. Well IT IS AN INTERNATIONAL LANGUAGE people!! Of course it won’t always be easy to learn it!

Apart from the way of school teacher’s way to teach English, I’ll show you some easier and much enjoyable way to learn English.

  1. Use your internet to learn it online from English learning websites/sites or some English-language websites, so that you can also learn how to make better English sentences arrangements and grammar.


  1. Try to watch English-language movies periodically or every day for a few hours or even a day. Don’t watch it with subtitles as much as you can. It can help your listening and grammar practice dramatically, especially once you’ve fully adapted to it and be able to watch English-language movies without subtitles. It could also broaden your vocabulary and conversation/speaking skill later on.


  1. Listen to English language songs. This is almost the same as the no. 2 above, but here you can only listen. So if you found difficult words, try to write it down and translate it later. To make this easier, I recommend you to practice with the movies first.


  1. Invite/ask your friend(s) to conversing in English with you. This can give you and the other party an opportunity to find new words and to casually speak in English eventually.


  1. Playing games that have in-game chatting feature, especially English-language games. Try to find foreign friends to speak with. This could even more useful if you’re active in chat. Games with chatting feature are usually games with more complex gaming system, that’s why it is optional to do since not all people is a gamer or understand how to play these kind of games.