Dream usually occur while we’re sleeping or daydreaming, but what will happen if you use that “ability” for something else? Something more useful? In reality!

Dream in formula is:


As it is related to imagination, we can assume that the more imagination you have the more it can come close to reality. Dream can be performed consciously once your imagination is good enough. If you’re able to truly focus your mind while dreaming. It can also be called as one of self-manipulation act, where you can strongly suggest/force your brain to enter the “dreaming” state.

You might think it’s not really important, but believe me it could help you to make fast decisions in seconds, knowing other people’s personality faster than you should, faster learning progress, making job predictions/forecasting, faster adapting ability, making a brief simulation of something, etc. It can only happen if you able to master this skill though.

So what do you think? Gonna take on the challenge?


    • it’s similar to that too, but it’s different. It’s more like the reverse state/condition of lucid dream. If in lucid dream you actually awake/conscious inside your dream, then in this one you dream while you’re awake at the same time. And if you could mastered it, you’re even able to dream while doing daily activities or speaking.