Being Smart: Want a Smarter Brain? Do This!


Having a smart brain is absolutely give positive impact. Like easily get a job, or making better life. Now, we give you some tips to increase your smart brain. Enjoy!


1. Watching news and read books on regular basic
From news, we can get much more knowledge wether it’s from our country or other country. Meanwhile reading a book, we could’ve way more knowledges and point of views.

2. Be friends smart people
When we be friend with smart people, it will provide new knowledge that will increase our intelligence. Just from a brief conversation, we can widen our vocabulary and knowledge

3. Challenge yourself to be critical and be more confindence
Speaking what in your mind in good ways and sharing your own original ideas. We must trust that our own beliefs can give us more confident

4. Eating foods containing Omega-3 periodicaly
Omega 3 could give high nutrition for our brain. we can get it from fishes

5. Schedulling and reviewing our daily life everyday
Its serves to clear our brain from unnecesarry things. Schedulling in the morning and reviewing before we go to bed in daily basis

6. Using our internet for more good uses
Lettercanteen, for excample

Being smart is good, but being smarter is better.