As an aspiring artist my self, I know that most people with common sense of art thinks of art as just something that’s artistic, really beautiful, unique, amazing, etc. by appearance. But more than that, an artwork that was made by so much effort have “something special” being put inside of it by the artist. That is the artist’s “piece of soul” that represent him/her self. Even if the artist doesn’t realize it, his/her effort-full artworks still means a lot for him/her. That’s why being disrespectful or throwing away this kind of artwork is indirectly means doing the same thing to the artist. Have you ever been like that to an artwork?

Art is something that is simple and complex at the same time. Art can be little or big, beautiful or not, price-full or worthless. All that is art is everything you can see and feel. It exist, even as living creature, like humans. Art has so many form in this world. And art is also something that came from “inside”. Art came from your mind and soul as one, no matter how little its worth. Art can also be a form of connection for you and others. It can be a media to speak something that can’t be said by words.

The very description of art is also the reason why some art could be so beautiful for certain people and not so beautiful, or even ugly, for other people. Art is like a mix of feelings, emotions, imaginations, and message/quote. Art is hard to be described by words. You just know art is art as an art. Which is why most dedicated artworks of artists was made for a very long time, from days to years just for a single artwork.

Art is not a technology, but art is YOU and I.